What is the Candela Alexandrite Laser?​

Are you tired of constant ineffective hair removal? Wish there was a more effective and convenient way to achieve soft and smooth skin effortlessly? Introducing hair removal technology alexandrite laser from the Candela company, which is the revolutionary treatment that conquers the field of beauty. This top one technology designed to target and eliminate unwanted hair quickly, safely and with minimal discomfort. Say goodbye to razors and waxing methods that can cause irritation. It provides a long-lasting solution that provides excellent results in just a few sessions.

What is an alexandrite laser?

The alexandrite laser from the Candela company is an evolution of laser hair removal technology. It uses a laser that emits a light pulse into the skin that targets the black color of the hair. The colour of the hair absorbs the laser light and heats up, destroying the hair growth. This technology is very effective in removing hair from body areas such as legs, armpits, face, chest and back.

One of its major advantages Candela alexandrite laser it's her credibility. It is effective in hair removal on all skin types. Also, the technology is safe and less likely to cause irritation and other side effects than other hair removal methods.

How does the alexandrite laser work? Candela;

During hair removal, the laser light is absorbed by the melanin of the hair follicles. Increasing the temperature of the laser causes the destruction of the follicles which cannot produce the same quality and quantity of hair.

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The laser is only absorbed by the hair and the rest of the body structures are not affected. Thus the hairs weaken, thin and finally disappear!!!!!

In the bikini, arms and legs, a smaller number is required conferences (may be up to 6) in relation to the back, chest and abdomen which needs more sessions as the specific areas are hormone dependent and the hair growth decreases more slowly!!

Before the laser is required haircut of the hair as the laser hits the root of the hair. With the new lasers, hair removal is now fast and painless as the laser head has a cold air system that makes hair removal completely tolerable....

Advantages of the alexandrite laser Candela

Alexandrite laser hair removal has many advantages over other hair removal methods. Some of these include:


Hair removal with Candela alexandrite laser it is very effective on all skin types. It is most effective on people with fair skin and dark hair, but can be used on all skin types.

Less pain

It causes less pain than other hair removal methods such as waxing.

Alexandrite laser hair removal cost

Alexandrite laser hair removal is a more expensive method than other hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing. However, it is considered more economical in the long run, as the number of sessions required is usually less than other hair removal methods. In addition, maintenance is usually less expensive than other methods.

In total, the cost alexandrite laser hair removal depends on many factors and it is important to consult a specialist to understand your needs and the corresponding costs.

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