It is the treatment that achieves the renewal of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. By using the appropriate light frequencies, the skin is regenerated and freed from bacteria, discoloration and wrinkles.

The red color (wavelength 630nm) increases the expansion of blood vessels and the circulation of blood and oxygen in the tissues resulting in deep hydration and restoration of the skin from the signs of photoaging.

The blue color (wavelength 415nm) fights acne bacteria offering relief and a healthy look.


It is particularly suitable for:

Treats sagging and dryness

  1. Smoothing fine expression lines
  2. Fighting freckles and discolorations
  3. Restoration of the skin from photoaging
  4. Fights the acne bacterium
  5. Relief of the skin from irritations and inflammations

It is a completely painless treatment and the return to our activities is immediate. There are absolutely no side effects during its application and it is suitable for all ages.

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FAQ Facial phototherapy

Facial phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to improve the appearance and health of the skin. This treatment has gained popularity in recent years due to its numerous benefits.

One of the main benefits of facial phototherapy is its ability to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is a protein that is responsible for maintaining the strength and elasticity of the skin. As we age, collagen production decreases, leading to sagging skin and the formation of wrinkles. Facial phototherapy helps reverse this process by stimulating collagen production, resulting in smoother, firmer and younger looking skin.

Another major benefit of facial phototherapy is its effectiveness in treating acne. The blue light used in this treatment is known for its antibacterial properties, which can help kill acne-causing bacteria. Plus, it helps reduce inflammation and minimize pore size, resulting in clearer skin.

Facial phototherapy also has benefits for people with hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone. The treatment can target and break down excess melanin, the pigment responsible for dark spots and discoloration. In doing so, it helps to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of sun spots, age spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation.

In addition, facial phototherapy can improve overall skin texture and smoothness. The light used in this treatment can penetrate deep into the skin, promoting cell regeneration and exfoliation. This helps remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and improve overall skin texture.

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It is important to note that facial phototherapy is a safe and painless treatment with minimal downtime. It does not involve chemicals or invasive procedures, which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

A facial phototherapy session usually lasts between 10-30 minutes, depending on the specific treatment and the individual's needs. Facial phototherapy, also known as LED phototherapy, is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses different wavelengths of light to target specific skin concerns such as acne, aging and pigmentation problems.

There are no age restrictions for facial phototherapy. Facial phototherapy, also known as LED phototherapy, is a non-invasive skin care treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to target various skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. While this treatment is generally safe for most people, there may be age restrictions to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.



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