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Candela Alexandrite Laser Machines

Machinery Candela Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal: Hair removal is a critical part of personal grooming. Shaving and waxing are some of the commonly used hair removal methods, but these methods are temporary and require frequent maintenance. THE laser hair removal has become a popular alternative to permanent hair removal. Among the various types machines laser hair removal available on the market, the candela alexandrite laser machines are the most effective and efficient.


What is alexandrite laser hair removal?

The alexandrite laser emits monochromatic light with a wavelength of 755nm. The absorption of the specific wavelength selectively by skin structures containing melanin make the Alexandrite laser ideal for hair removal on all parts of the body.

During hair removal, the laser light is absorbed by the melanin of the hair follicles. Its increase temperature of the laser causes the destruction of the follicles which cannot produce the same quality and quantity of hair.

The laser is only absorbed by the hair and the rest of the body structures are not affected. Thus the hairs weaken, thin and finally disappear!!!!!

In the bikini, arms and legs require a smaller number of sessions (may be up to 6) compared to the back, chest and abdomen which need more sessions as the specific areas are hormone-dependent and the hair growth decreases more slowly!!

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Before the laser is required haircut of the hair as the laser hits the root of the hair. With the new lasers, hair removal is now fast and painless as the laser head has a cold air system that makes hair removal completely tolerable....

Reasons to choose Alexandrite Laser Machinery Candela

  1. Fast and efficient

The machines Candela alexandrite laser they are designed to work quickly and efficiently. They have a large spot size, which means that larger areas of the body can be treated in a shorter amount of time. Alexandrite lasers also have a high repetition rate, which means that many hair follicles can be targeted at the same time, making the process faster and more effective.

  1. Minimal discomfort

Compared to other types of laser hair removal machines, they are relatively painless.

  1. Flexible

The alexandrite laser hair removal machines they are versatile and can be used on different areas of the body such as the face, underarms, legs and bikini area. They can be used on all skin types, but are most effective on people with fair skin and dark hair.

  1. Permanent reduction of hair growth

Although no hair removal method can permanently remove hair, Alexandrite laser hair removal machines can significantly reduce hair growth. After several sessions, up to 90% of hair in the treated area can be permanently removed. This means patients can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for longer.

  1. Safe and effective

Alexandrite laser hair removal machines are safe and effective when used by a trained and certified professional. They are FDA approved for permanent hair reduction and have been used safely for many years.

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The alexandrite laser hair removal machines is the best choice for hair removal. They are fast, effective, versatile and provide permanent hair reduction. They are also safe and relatively painless. If you're tired of the hassle of temporary hair removal methods, consider alexandrite laser hair removal for a long-term solution.



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