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Alexandrite laser machine Candela

Laser alexandrite machine

Laser hair removal is a common cosmetic procedure that has become increasingly popular in recent years. One of the most effective machinery laser hair removal on the market today is the Alexandrite laser of the Candela company. In this article, we will take a detailed look at what the Alexandrite laser is.

What is the Alexandrite laser machine?

The Alexandrite laser is a type of laser hair removal machine that uses a specific wavelength of light to target and destroy hair follicles. The laser emits a short burst of light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, causing it to heat up and destroy it. The Alexandrite laser named after the crystal used to produce the laser beam.

How does the alexandrite laser machine work?

The alexandrite laser it works by emitting a wavelength of light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. Once the light is absorbed, it turns into heat, which destroys the hair follicle. The laser beam is delivered through a fixture hand which is retained on the skin. The handpiece contains a cooling device that helps protect the skin from the heat of the laser. The alexandrite laser it is effective on all skin types.

When it comes to choosing one machine laser hair removal, it is important to consider your skin type and hair color, as well as the speed and efficiency of the machine. The alexandrite laser it is a great choice for people with lighter skin and darker hair who want fast and effective results.

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Finally, the alexandrite laser is a powerful and effective laser hair removal machine that provides fast results. It is one of the most popular laser hair removal machines on the market today and is an excellent choice for people with fair skin and darker hair who want to remove unwanted hair. If you are considering laser hair removal, be sure to speak with a qualified professional esthetician to find out if the candela alexandrite laser is right for you.



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