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Tattoo and laser hair removal
Laser hair removal has become a popular method of removing unwanted hair for both men and women. However, for those who have tattoos, the question arises: is alexandrite laser hair removal allowed? The answer is not a simple yes or no. It depends on several factors, such as the color and location of the tattoo, as well as the type of laser used during the hair removal process.

The Candela Alexandrite laser is a type of laser commonly used for hair removal. It emits a wavelength of light that is absorbed by the hair follicle, damaging it and inhibiting future hair growth. However, when it comes to tattoos, the laser wavelength can also be absorbed by the tattoo ink, causing damage to the skin and altering the appearance of the tattoo.

The risk of tattoo damage depends on several factors, such as the color of the tattoo ink. Darker colors, such as black, blue and green, absorb more light and are therefore more prone to damage. Light colors such as pink and white do not absorb as much light and are therefore less likely to be damaged.

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