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Are you tired of the endless battle against unwanted hair? Do you dream of smooth, silky skin that requires minimal maintenance? If so, it's time to unlock the secrets to achieving that flawless skin you've always wanted. Say goodbye to razors, hair removal strips and irritating creams and say hello to the game-changing alexandrite laser.

Age to start Alexandrite Laser – What is Alexandrite Laser hair removal?

If you are new to the world of laser hair removal, you may be wondering what exactly Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal is. Simply put, it's a type of laser treatment that uses a high-energy beam of light to target and destroy hair follicles, inhibiting future hair growth.

The Alexandrite Laser emits a specific wavelength of light that is largely absorbed by melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color. This targeted approach ensures that the surrounding skin remains intact while effectively removing unwanted hair.

Age to start Alexandrite Laser – How does Alexandrite Laser hair removal work?

To understand how Alexandrite laser hair removal works, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the hair growth cycle. Hair growth occurs in three distinct phases: anagen (active growth), catagen (transition), and telogen (rest). The alexandrite laser mainly targets the hairs in the regeneration phase, as this is when the hair follicle is most receptive to treatment. During the procedure, the laser emits intense pulses of light that are absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle.

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