Hair Removal With Alexandrite Laser Candela

For the safe and permanent elimination of unwanted hair growth with the use of laser, there are four determining factors:
1. The right choice of laser

2. The application in a dermatological clinic with long experience in hair removal

3. Skin scanning before application

4. Specially trained medical staff


Before starting the treatment, it is always necessary to take the medical history of the patients, to examine their skin in detail and to formulate an individualized treatment regimen that meets the particularities of each case.

It should be clarified that the session intervals are not fixed, but depend on the length of the hair life cycle per area and per person. Results are visible from the very first session.

Hair Removal – Laser Alexandrite Candela

The Alexandrite type Laser system that produces high energy pulses. It emits a gentle beam of light that penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the melanin of the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding area of the skin unaffected. During the treatment, the skin is protected by a dynamic cooling device (Dynamic Cooling Device), where cooling liquid (cryogen) sprays the skin, cooling its upper layers. The mechanism protects and provides local anesthesia, making the treatment EFFECTIVE & PAINLESS.

What You Need to Know About Alexandrite Laser Candela Hair Removal!-Elena Beauty Hall

Advantages – Results

Nowadays there are many methods of "photo hair removal", such as photolysis, pulsed light, IPL and diode laser. However, the only medical method of hair removal is laser alexandrite. The advantages of laser alexandrite are many as: It is the most effective hair removal method with fast, safe and permanent results.

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It can only be used in doctor's offices and medical clinics, as a medical license is required from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, who supervises its application and operation.

The Alexandrite laser application in facial hair removal does not require shaving the facial hair, as is done with other photo hair removal methods. Shaving a woman's face during IPL hair removal can lead to increased hair growth and the presence of coarser, darker hair.

It is the method with the fastest results, as in some cases with the application of 4-5 Alexandrite laser sessions we can have complete hair removal.

The Alexandrite laser is the most painless, as it is the only one with an air cooling mechanism. In this way, the session is comfortable and the application completely safe for the skin.

With the Alexandrite laser we can depilate areas that cannot be applied with other photodepilation methods, such as eyebrows and middle eyebrows.

The Alexandrite laser is also applied for medical reasons of hair removal such as folliculitis of the face, body and coccygeal cyst.

Hair loss is immediate and no other hair removal method needs to be used between sessions.



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